The 1/10th scale Rothmans  Porsche 959 DAKAR body kits...

... accurately reproduce the 1986 Paris Dakar winning Porsche 959 works entry to fit a standard 1/10th scale buggy chassis. The technical tour de force Groupe B super car is faithfully reproduced for you to take to any terrain.                                                          

The high resolution 1024 DPI digitally printed transfers and coloured vinyl transfers are computer cut and  are applied  INTERNALLY so wil not be damaged during use.


The transfers are also grouped and pre cut to avoid as much as possible miss-alignment. The transfers can be applied using a water/detergent mix to allow accurate repositioning on the shell.

The PETG shell has a separate bumper section to avoid having to replace a whole shell in the event of a heavy impact.

The shell dimensions are wheelbase 265mm, track 245mm and work best with 2.2" Wheels and either race buggy mini pin tyres or Proline Dirt Hawg multi purpose tyres.

Suitable chassis that have been tested are Tamiya DF02, DF03, TL01b with inverted rear lower arms, Academy SB sport/Pro.

Kits are supplied with 2.2" 4wd front and wide rear replica white seven spoke wheels and White adjustable front and black rear body post tops and clips included. The accurate scale replica top lights are also included.